How it started

How it all started back in 2005

The inspiration and motivation leading to the creation of PNKids Health Nutrition brand come from the appreciation of the value of good health, along with the love for children. It is this compassion and caring for our young ones that have lead PNKids into the cupboards and hearts of the South-East Asian households.

In 2005, the founders of PNKids, Cachino Thong and Eff Taeger, were trekking in the mountains of Indonesia. It was here that they came onto a small and remote farming village and its inhabitants in Baluran National Park area, whose main source of livelihood was rice farming. The people from this village were very happy and pleasant; however, since the village is very remotely located from the rest of the other towns, the residents would only make do of whatever limited food that they could locally grow on their impoverished soil. Their diet consists mainly of rice, and at times, a very few varieties of vegetables and herbs that the local soil would allow them to grow, resulting in some of the adults and children suffering from nutritional deficiencies that led to preventable blindness and common immune deficiency diseases.

This is when Cachino and Eff realized that one of the important dilemmas of this village was a lack of vital nutritional elements such as vitamin A in their daily diet. With this concern in mind, Cachino and Eff founded a project with the main objective to help cater to the town’s inhabitants basic wellness.
A key focus of this campaign is to sustain and provide vitamins for the children of the village. And this is where it got tricky. Initially, they have offered vitamins in the form of standard tablets; However, the children in the village were not used to them and hesitated to take them. Some refuse or did have obvious difficulties, in eating the hard vitamin pill.

Rising to this challenge, Eff and Cachino, worked with leading vitamin formulators to create a multivitamin suited for the palette of kids living in South-East Asia. With the help of some friends, the result was yummy, chewy and overall a wonderful treat created with fruit pectin instead of the normal gelatine. Containing all the essential nutrients that were missing from most children's daily requirement. The children’s initial reaction was priceless. Most of them thought that they were just candy. In essence, this is how PNKids gummy vitamins were created.

The goal was to have a product that kids would love to eat on a daily basis, without their parents having to “remind” them.
PNKids gummy vitamins were highly accepted in the remote village, it was an obvious and immediate success. The nutrients in this new chewable vitamin delivery form significantly helped improve the health and well being of those children. The new found liveliness and smiles of these kids were indeed proof of the product’s success.

Eff and Cachino are continuing to heading similar nutritional missions; helping to rebuild and staff schools, providing needing schools with water filtration and most important of all, educate children and their caretakers about wellness and good nutrition as a long-term sustainable solution.

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Eff Taeger

Founder & Brand Director

“We are committed to quality and integrity, our children are the most important beings in this world”.

Cachino Thong

Founder & Managing Director

“Finally my whole family can enjoy a complete line of nutritional supplements with great affordability”

Chris Kwan

Regional Sales Director

"Contact me direct if you are interested in distributing PNKids Brand in your country"

Dr. Ricardo Correa
Dr. Ricardo Correa

Scientist - B.Pharm. MSc. PhD.

Protein Biochemistry
. SBP Medical Discovery Institute. San Diego. California.
Incontech medical advisory board.

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